Monday, December 6, 2010

the alverson's

just a small little helping from the alversons.
didn't want to "over post" so as not to ruin
Christmas card surprises!
how cute are they? we had an adventure at the park- so fun!
one of my new favorite family pics!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the jones family

this precious family is in the process of adopting a new little girl from china.
lilli, will be home to join her forever family in the spring
and they are anxiously awaiting her arrival.
we couldn't do a family session with out including this sweet girl...
this is what we came up with.

there are a million things i love about this picture.
brothers...aren't they great?!?!
i think that i like this so much, because this is what 80% of our
family pictures look like. the sister running away.
this guy was trying to let me know that he didn't want any more pictures.
so cute.
so then, he decided to have a battle with his gun instead.
sweet girl.
ok, these next few make my heart sing...
the thought of all the playing and squealing and giggling
that is in store for these sisters- i can barely stand it!

she's precious...isn't she?
i love the thought that these hands are so anxious to hold
this little girl that is already in their hearts.
I CAN NOT WAIT to do the jones' first family pictures with
their new baby. can't wait. this will have to do for now,
until lilli is in her forever home!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

colon cancer stinks!

i was invited to come and shoot at the "undy 5000"---
a walk that raises money for colon cancer.
this "team" was walking in memory of their
wife, mom, grandmother, and friend, tina.
i never really understood the deep meaning of a "walk"
until we participated in the "march of dimes",
in honorof our girl that we almost lost.
these walks are super emotional, the walkers usually
have so so much invested in "the cause" and are very
passionate about who they are honoring...
this was no different.
as i watched all of these people,
walk and finish this race, i was so moved.
the stories that each team represents are
so inspirational and the people who
have fought or are fighting this terrible disease
are so courageous.
i hope that this serves as a sweet reminder to this family
of tina, and that they treasure
these memories for a long long time.

the sun rises on the undy 5000.
the team. i so hope that this is how my family would dress
if they were honoring me.
i love it.
tina's daughter
hilarious. this is tina's son.
put your big girl panties on...and get over it.
has this phrase EVER been used better?!?!?!
i think not.
i would SO love to know what was on her mind...i am sure it was tina.
tina's husband and granddaughter.
i love this.
the other granddaughter getting ready for the race- she rode in a
stroller the whole way.
THAT is how i want to do a race. smart girl.
i can't even begin to tell you the greatness of the "outfits" this is a SMALL taste.
the little boy on the lefts "undies" said "i love my grandpa's booty"
crack me up.
even the dogs hate colon cancer.
tina's husband, that smile on his face- gotta be remembering his wife.
these two photo's were not of this team, but i loved them so much.
this one is precious. this couple clearly has conquered way more than the
undy 5000. the looks on their faces are priceless.
i tear up just looking at them.
and THIS lady...well, i don't even have words about how much i like her.
this chick wants to kick colon cancer's butt....and i am pretty sure she will.
mother and daughter- walking for a friend. and workin' some really fun eyelashes too.
this cutie pie needed a drink after a long walk. so cute.
the team shirt. what else is there to say?
tina, i hope your family did you proud.
thank you wright family- this day blessed my heart.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the niemeyer's

i get to spend every labor day weekend with michelle at our annual scrap book getaways.
she is so fun and i had never met her family...until now. they are precious. i love the relationship
of this big brother (austin) and little one (asher). reminds me of my boys. so they kinda had a soft
spot in my heart. there are lots of favorites, but i had to pick a just a few....aren't they so cute?