who is tomi?

*i am a wife to my hero, randy. he is more than i could have ever dreamed.

*i am mom to chandler (15), sterling (3), & maverick (1.5), and a teenie little dog, zoey. they are awesome.

*i love Jesus. i think He is crazy cool and love the undeserved life that He has given me.

*i whole heartedly believe that everything is better with sparkles and glitter.

*i pretty much live on un-sweet tea. i love it, like, a lot.

*my favorite kicks are my boots, converse, ballet slippers, and flip flops

*i am fascinated with people. people watching is my favorite thing in the whole world. if it were a sport, i would totally be on the olympic team.

*the sites that i religiously check daily are "the junk gypsies" "the pioneer woman" "hostess with the mostest" "facebook" "twitter"  "the farmers trophy wife" & "pinterest"GO VISIT THEM ALL! you won't be sorry.

*with 1 in high school and 2 in diapers, a traveling husband, a case of a.d.d. and o.c.d, & insomnia (i heart ambien)- i often, lovingly to refer to our family as a circus. circus' are full of weird people (they don't call them freaks for nothin'), they are chaotic, but they are fun to watch and be a part of. that's us. (can you hear the music now?)