Friday, June 1, 2012

lauren & greg {hitched}

i don't normally shoot weddings. i can count on one hand how many i have actually done.
but when a mutual friend (and super loyal client) connected us, 
i think we both knew that we'd be a perfect match for her wedding.
there were cows, and hey, and a barn, and burlap, and boots, 
a super laid back bride, and her groom- an aggie...what more could i ask for?

the day was relaxed and lovely. i do's at sunset. party in the barn. 
and dancing under the texas sky full of stars.

say hello to lauren & greg.....

the precious flower girl and ring may recognize them from here

just before the ceremony...the bridesmaids gathered on the back porch and read the bride scripture and prayed over the couple. 

sweet sweet moments
lauren & greg didn't see each other before the wedding-but we got the chance to tease greg for a minute.

i LOVE this moment between greg and the maid of honor. love it.
seriously. so cute.

and he FINALLY saw his bride. she was gorgeous!

lauren's brother is deployed and couldn't "physically" be at the wedding... so a life size cut out stood in his place. :)

sooo beautiful.  
what's the point of getting married on farm, if you don't go "rollin' in the hey?"

let's start the party!

first dance

just before the reception, as the guests headed off to the barn, i caught them dancing alone on the floor. 

ain't no cake around this party, it's pie and cobbler all the way. (and yall know how much i heart pie!)


sneaking a little kiss out side the reception

a whole lotta aggies, singing the aggie war heaven. tradition.

and a little church moment during the reception. i adore this image.

shake it down, shake it down now....

one last little private moment to dance before leaving for the honeymoon night. 

i love that she is wearing his jacket---romance.

mr & mrs geis!

 off to paris...happily ever after.