Monday, August 29, 2011

paxton jude

 well, here he is... can you stand the preciousness? (remember when he was on his way? go look again HERE) my sweet friend birthed this baby, with no drugs, at her home....she's a rockstar. i totally think that she deserves a medal, anyway.... this is paxton. he is yummy and sweet and darling and delicious and...well, you get the point. it would be a crime for this family to not AT least have two or three more babies, they are just that fantastic. don't you agree?

by the way....this darling family wins the prize for being
my MOST photographed family! 5 times in one year!
here is the link to one of my "other favorite" shoots. really, it is SOOOO great!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the sheddens

this shoot was precious for several reasons. 
first of all, because this is "my persons" little sister...and i love her. 
(even though she aggravated the fool out of us when we were kids)
her hubs is darling as can be and they are super funny together.
the second reason....they are in the process of adopting a precious love of a baby. 
we don't know what baby....but GOD does. 
these pictures will be in the books shown to the birth mom, while she is making 
the selfless choice, of who will love and care for her child. 
this was kinda, their maternity shoot for lack of better words.
i assure you.....

these next few, at their home, make me tear up. 
as we pray that this yard, these rocking chairs, this pool be filled with beautiful 
chaos soon. knowing the kind of parents reagan and jon will be-gives me such hope!

i love you both
and will love what ever crazy cool gift God has in store for you!
thank you for letting me be a small part of it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

pastor craig etheredge {the red key effect}

{the red key effect}

     i was thrilled when this guy invited me to come take his picture for his NEW book! he and his precious wife, liz, were my youth interns when i was in the 7th grade, while he was attending seminary. they were so fun and taught me SO much about the sweet God that we serve. i would have never guessed that all these years later, they would STILL be a part of my life. his daughters are some kinda precious, and the oldest is mascot with my big guy this year at the high school! (isn't God crazy cool like that?!?!) :)

anywho.... craig, wrote a book! (i can't even imagine how you begin such a project...i struggle with a blog!) THE RED KEY, by craig etheredge it is great! please...go check it out and see what the buzz is about! you will not be sorry! 

the rice family

family with loads of personality! :)