Thursday, October 6, 2011

phil & rachel

 i. love. these. two.
     this session was at the church where rachel and phil met. he is a youth pastor and she helps mentor teenage girls- they met at a youth event just last year...and now they will be getting married at the same place they met! i LOVE their story. and they are funny. they were up for an adventure and just went with the flow. 
i am crazy for the story behind this shoot and i SO hope that you can "feel the love" 

 seriously...i love this.

the light makes me super happy.

  the entire session, they giggled and "quoted" song of solomon- sort of...
it was hilarious- probably had to be there, but trust me, it was hilarious.
 this is the very place they will get married- it was fun to hear them chat about the 
big day and all their dreams. 
they were soaking in the moment. 
so sweet.

 and here...they are praying over their future, asking God to bless their marriage, their families,
and more. it was one of THE most precious moments i have ever been a part of. 
 THIS is  one of my faves!

 you haven't had a successful shoot, until you have called security and recruited a friend
to help up climb up the hatch to the roof of a mega church.

 up on the ROOOOOOF!

     THANK  YOU BOTH! what a JOY to be a part of this time in your life! it was a BLAST!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

justin & danielle...part 1

 i love this couple. they are darling. i met danielle last year at her sister, Madi's, senior session. i loved her then, and she hinted that there just might be a need for engagement pictures soon! well, since then she and justin have graduated from TEXAS A&M (WHOOOOOOP!) and he finally asked! yay!they have known each other since the 4th grade and have such a sweet story. i am thrilled to have done their pictures and can't wait to see them again! congratulations danielle and justin! (ps...we have another little session on them coming soon, so check back to see more goodness!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

paxton jude

 well, here he is... can you stand the preciousness? (remember when he was on his way? go look again HERE) my sweet friend birthed this baby, with no drugs, at her home....she's a rockstar. i totally think that she deserves a medal, anyway.... this is paxton. he is yummy and sweet and darling and delicious and...well, you get the point. it would be a crime for this family to not AT least have two or three more babies, they are just that fantastic. don't you agree?

by the way....this darling family wins the prize for being
my MOST photographed family! 5 times in one year!
here is the link to one of my "other favorite" shoots. really, it is SOOOO great!