Monday, August 30, 2010

the SWEET SWEET wages!

a cupcake. what is better than a cupcake? truly, there just aren't many things that are better than a cupcake. they are made with so much love and attention to detail. they are wrapped in pretty packages and tied with lovely ribbon. they are cause for joy, celebration, happiness, and laughter. they are created to reflect happiness in peoples lives and to give them a wee bit of joy when they are feeling sad. the cup cake perfectly demonstrates the greatness of this beee-yoooou-teeeee-fulllll little family. they are human cupcakes. trust me....they are.

our friends, kaitlyn, seth, presleigh, and sweet pierce are a pure delight! and when she asked me about doing a "trash the dress" session, i squealed like a little child, composed myself, and then got busy trying to make it happen.

before you see the pics, you need to know that kaitlyn is a cook. i mean like for. real. LOVES it. she loves fashion. and the things she loves even more than that, are her husband, kids, and our Savior. so that said.....the pictures were about her and what she loves.

this is the hardest time i have ever had "picking" images for a blog....for they were all fun and precious. so grab a coke from sonic and a bag of cookies- sit back- and watch all of the goodness that your about to we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a few of just kaitlyn- looking fabulous. here is precious husband seth

and their BEAUTIFUL little peeps
presleigh & pierce
(they had no idea of the fun in store for them!) it comes.......what the heck is in there ?

oooohhhh you better gimmie some of that!

sweet brother, waiting his turn.....
FINALLY!!!! it was his! and he was hanging on to it for a while

pierce is missing, but presleigh has found a way to entertain herself

so did pierce

her dress truly was a MESS!
i couldn't decide which i liked better...color or black and white.
so you got both.

now to a kitchen, where more goodness awaits.

i seriously have tons more for them to check out, but just couldn't get them all on here.... but trust me, this is just a "taste" of the goodness! thank you to this family! we had a BLAST on this shoot.

you will have to talk to kaitlyn to see more!

wonder who will be our next brave gypsy heart to trash her dress? anyone?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

phil + darla= LURVE

there is no question how much i LOVE to shoot in the stockyards.
i just simply love it for so many many reasons.
today reason #47, phil & darla.
they just got engaged and are planning a december wedding.
so precious and in love. laid back and did whatever i told them
(which included standing in 106 degree heat, and prettttttty please looking past
the cow poop, the used drug needles, and dirty old underwear-gross)!
where was i? oh yeah, phil and darla.
they are in love and happy and gushie and all that mess and so FUN!
had to really slim down my faves (cause i loved them all).
but here are just a few of the greatness!
which one is your favorite? let me know!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(isn't that the cutest nick name ever?)
this is kate. she just turned one and is a precious love of a girl. i had a hard time picking my favorites, so there are several more than usual. who doesn't love a baby girl in a tutu? no one, i tell you! enjoy sweet little kater-tot!

i especially love this one...her daddy had to miss the fun, 'cause he is
off protecting our country...i hope he loves this one as much as i do.

happy birthday kate!!!
this is my gypsy heart....
....well, part of it at least. (explanation here) i needed some pictures of my kids- i am THE WORST about taking photos of my own family. i know, i know....don't preach at me- i already have terrible mommy guilt. anyway...i also needed some art for our house that had these colors. two birds, one stone. yay me!

my sweet husband and father in law, helped me tote our red chair (rescued from the neighbor's trash) and all the kids in 180 degree texas heat. we sweated (yes, that's a word) our biscuits off, but it was totally worth the effort. (and i think i lost a few pounds too- bonus!)

having kids SO far apart and then all of sudden two close together has really been a challenge for this mom- to say the least. but, there are great joys that out weigh the rough moments. i am so overly, undeservedly blessed, beyond words. my heart is definitely bubbling over. here are my peeps.....
my favorite

the biggest brother- 14
the sister- 21 months (this is SO her)
the littlest brother 3 months
just one last one- i love her little feet!