Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this is my gypsy heart....
....well, part of it at least. (explanation here) i needed some pictures of my kids- i am THE WORST about taking photos of my own family. i know, i know....don't preach at me- i already have terrible mommy guilt. anyway...i also needed some art for our house that had these colors. two birds, one stone. yay me!

my sweet husband and father in law, helped me tote our red chair (rescued from the neighbor's trash) and all the kids in 180 degree texas heat. we sweated (yes, that's a word) our biscuits off, but it was totally worth the effort. (and i think i lost a few pounds too- bonus!)

having kids SO far apart and then all of sudden two close together has really been a challenge for this mom- to say the least. but, there are great joys that out weigh the rough moments. i am so overly, undeservedly blessed, beyond words. my heart is definitely bubbling over. here are my peeps.....
my favorite

the biggest brother- 14
the sister- 21 months (this is SO her)
the littlest brother 3 months
just one last one- i love her little feet!

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