Friday, February 24, 2012

thelma & louise {part 1}


a dream road trip. really.
i am still in shock (2 months later) that louise (aka elizatbeth) and i got to do this.
it happened in a matter of minutes...i decided we were going, i called and to my absolute shock, 
got reservations, tickets, and a plan, in less than an hour---then i asked the hubs if i could go. 
a little bass-ackwards in my planning, but he's awesome and gave a huge thumbs up and then...
it was on like donkey kong. 

destination: round top,  texas (population 90)
event: the junk gypsies, extra swakny, super special junk-orama prom
(to be aired on HGTV)
dress code: your junky finest

but a road trip IS NOT, i repeat NOT, about just the destination. 
no sir-ree. 
it is just as much about the adventure in getting there... and boy, did we have one!
check it out...
let's do this!

*road trip music- check
*iced tea-check
*enough luggage for a week- check (by the way, we were only gone 2 nights)
first stop (it's all about the groceries-right?)
shrimp and shredded beef tacos

you CAN NOT be south bound 35 and not stop at the Czech bakery.
it's against the law, i'm pretty sure

i love this building. like so much. and we found some treasures
well...who wouldn't use a bath tub and two potties as planters?

small town lingo "mash down and push"

a few of our treasures. #junkrules

then we kept on headin' down hwy 6. hwy 6 leads all the way to 
"AGGIELAND" which is near and dear to my little ole Gypsy Heart.
i have traveled this road a million times with a punkin of a baby boy (who is now, gulp, almost 16)
in the back seat.
this was one of our favorite sights to see along the way... and still is.
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and i dare say, my t.u. lovin' friend likes it too!
and while on hwy 6, there are farms and fields as far as you can see. 
i delight in the thought of a "easy" life. land lined with a simple barbed wire fence
and a texas sky as far and wide as you can see. this, i am certain is "God's country"


side note...while pulled over to take in this glorious sight, we were too wrapped up in the beauty
to realize that the ground was wet...REALLY wet.
 wet, like if you are in a giant SUV you might get stuck in the mud, kind of wet.

after a teenie moment of panic (louise) and phone calls to our husbands...
one thought it was hilarious, the other, not so much. i hopped out, turned some thingy-ma-bobs on the tires, threw it in to 4 wheel drive, and like any texas girl should be able to do, got out of the mud.
crisis averted. 
besides, what's a good toad trip with out a little "muddin"?

let the road trip commence...

quick stop in "AGGIELAND" to eat at my FAVORITE little bar in the world,
 (if you ain't an aggie, you might call it "the dixie chicken" but that's how we know you aren't legit)
a walk down "bottle cap alley" and through the swinging doors, the sound of pool sticks, dominoes, and willie nelson thrills my heart! (it's the little things, people)

a burger and tiajaua french fries. yes please, and thank you.
back on the road to Brenham, home of bluebell ice cream, stay the night and rest up for the BIG day. 

lots of laughter, some deep conversation, good tunes, awesome food, and a few adventures later...
what should be a 3 1/2 hour trip turned into 12. but who's counting?

_____________________RISE and SHINE!!!___________________

the day was here! we were so excited a little breakfast and back on the road...20 minutes to our
favorite little town in texas!

like any good road trip one should have a motto, and you should also decorate your car.
it's just what you should do... trust me.

not all who wander are lost

for the love of junk
rebel road sisters
and a checklist of all the places we wanted to go...just a few, VERY IMPORTANT ones left!
don't pay attention to the weird reflection that makes me look like i have grown a hitler-like mustache
how cute is louise?

we had ONE stop in town to make before we headed to the b&b to get dressed for the evening. 
lunch. not just any lunch. but THE lunch of all lunches.

i just don't have enough words to tell you how much i love it. 

follow the yellow brick road to crazy good food. 
the "king's" throne. 
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and just through the red screen door 
is this.....

and THIS...our lunch.

the smell is heavenly 
this, people, is THE BEST SANDWHICH you will EVER in your whole life put in your mouth.
let's just all take a moment of silence.......

ok.....back to business.

and the pie. the JUNKBERRY is my favorite. ala mode of course.
as Bud the pieman says "It's a matter of principle."
(he charges extra for no ice cream)

as we sat at the counter and licked the baskets dry. we made or plans to eat here again for lunch on sunday.  also, they were catering the shin-dig we were headed to- Royers, 3 times in 15 hours. a girl could get used to that.
we also made a sweet memory together and met some new friends that i 
think just might be our new friends for life...the Royer family. 

can you believe the fun? and we haven't even made it to the ridiculously awesome 
b&b (rachel ashwell's, thank you very much) or the prom

come back for the adventure of "thelma & louise- {part 2}

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the royalls

here are things that you should know about this family...
mom (whom i have know forever) & dad dated just out of high school.
then, they went their separate ways :( then they got back together YEARS later
and became a family of 4. :) THEN, they had baby girl and are living happily ever after!
the big one is into "military" stuff and is smart as can be. middle one loves to read-he schooled me on all kinds of stuff-and he's silly. baby girl pretty much thinks the big ones are the best things ever, she loves pink. they all love to be out side- a lot.  love that this totally shows the stage of life they are all in...
say hello to David, Susan, Sean, Chase, & Bailey