Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the wages

hands down. 
Gypsy Heart Photography. 
{you can see some other sessions here, herehere, & here}
and i couldn't be happier about it! they keep making these beautiful children that
simply must be photographed.
i told her at this shoot, that really, it would be a sin against all of mankind for them to 
not have at the VERY LEAST 5 more of these blued eyed cherubs.
they inspire me and make me feel like a better human being. i truly love them.
(and they give their kids really great names too. BONUS!)
say hello to Seth, Kaitlyn, Presleigh, Pierce, & Paxton

would you look at the eyelashes on this kid? it just isn't normal i tell ya!


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  1. I love me some Wages family!!! XOXO