Wednesday, February 8, 2012

oh mercy...

so, not to sound like many other "bloggers" that are actually "blog slackers" BUT... i am the worst "blogger"/best "blog slacker" ever. it is not for lack of things to say or show, but actually, because there is SO much to "show and tell" that i get overwhelmed and then just keep it all in my head...which is a scary place- trust me.

HOWEVER, i digress...

now that we are well into 2012, i figure it's time to begin to implement some of my resolutions...ones that i am not ready to share with you, for fear i may slack again and then you would REALLY know how severely a.d.d. i am. but rest assured -or not- i am working on them and plan on sharing soon...or not.

first on my list, is to pretend like i am michael j fox and go back in time, to catch you up on some of the super awesome, fun Gypsy Heart peeps that you haven't seen yet! i have been humbled by the stories that i get to hear about these people. amazed how God is actively moving in their lives. they inspire me. really...

so sit and wait by the blog for all the new stories that you get to see.

a little peek from an upcoming blog. a dream come true!
from my Gypsy Heart to yours.

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