Monday, September 27, 2010

the schusters
this is the cutie pie schuster family. this was my second time with them (go here to see last years shoot), and that baby's big brown eyes are bigger and browner and more beautiful than last year! and that precious head of brown curly hair kinda made my heart hurt...precious. this year addisynn is two, very chatty, and full of energy and life. (mom and dad think she is pretty great too!) we had so much fun-even though it was about 180 degrees...nothing a sno cone couldn't fix. can't wait to have this sweet little punkin' at the halloween shoot next month!

it was SO windy! she kept getting all tangled up in the balloons- hilarious.
i love this...see elmo, cookie monster, and big bird hanging out with mom? so cute.
seriously? those eyes. her daddy is gonna have to load up that gun someday.
this family LOVES to read together... a fairy princess book, of course.
time to let them go....maybe another fairy princess will find them.
bye! it kinda looks like she's sayin' "peace out"

sing it with me..."with a great big hug...."
i can't tell you how much i love these next few.
just something so sweet about those chubby little hands and big fat crayons.
not many pictures are more beautiful than "hello kitty" colored by a daddy and his little girl!

and to top it all off- a sno cone to cut the texas heat! yumm!
well...there are no words for this last one. those eyes. BEAUTIFUL!