Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the solidays {family sesh}

i love when i a get a new family...
it's fun to get to know them and watch how God 
loves through them. 
and it doesn't hurt that she's an aggie- i am already a fan on spec.
he has a fascination with planes. 
and these to littles are cute as cute can be.

say hello to jp, amie, adalyn, & kellan.........

the alversons {family sesh}

anytime i am on a photo shoot with a family,
 my focus is USUALLYon the kids...
 trying to see their personalities that make them preciously unique.
and in that, mom and dad most often follow along,
 and the result is most often awesome. 
this family was not a disappointment.
with little boys, the key is saying gross words like "poop" and "boogers" 
and then asking them to do their fave super hero impression.
little ladies...dance, be sassy, tell me about your friends, and they usually react to
their brothers grossness perfectly.
and I get a great session...

say hello to luke, jayci, jillian, & landon........


abby {senior, part1}

i'm still a little uncertain how abby is graduating.
it seems like it just wasn't that long ago that she came 
into my life when her daddy married my "Thelma"
she is an absolute joy. a beauty. a one of a kind.
the perfect combo of frilly, girly, redneck.... 
and this year she kisses high school goodbye
and graduates as one of my faves of
class or 2013!

say hello to abby.......