Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the steels {family sesh}

this family is the epitome of my "gypsy heart" 
they are dear friends and kindred spirits to us. 
we are crazy about them. 
she is the the "pie queen" of Royers Round Top Cafe and Royers Pie Haven.
he is a chef, encourager, her biggest cheerleader. i love how he loves her.
and these boys, well, they are too hilarious for words.
(and if you scroll to the last image you'll see one of my peeps with one of her favorite peeps)
and i LOVE a family session that takes place on the side of a road at a junk show...

say hello to rick, tara, brayden, & bentley......

my sweet girl LOOOOOVES brayden and they just HAD to have their pic together. :)

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