Monday, March 26, 2012

thelma & louise {part 3}

JuNK-O-rAma pROm!!!

as we pulled into the beautiful Marburger Farms
it seemed quite subdued...
but don't miss understand...calm on the outside HUGE buzzing party on the inside.
THIS is it.
THE post that all others were leading to.
what will, in fact, be THE longest post ever on this blog.


the superfluous words would be lost if i tried to use them through out the post,
so let's just get them all out on the front end....
*fabulous, charming, magical, gorgeous, junky, brilliant,
glorious, fascinating, eye candy, crazy, creative, inventive, 
sparkly, glittery, vintage, western, chic, happy, fun, quirky,
smiley, surreal, A DREAM.
that should take care of it.

really, there are so many images, you can see for yourself.
words fall short to describe our evening.
there is no way that i could show you all the pics
or the amazing outfits that were seen. watch for the episode on HGTV to
see it all ... you will not be sorry.

but these are my favorites.... so let's just take a look!

this is where we checked in, had some drinks, and began to get a teeeeeeenie glimpse
into what our night was to be like....
gypsy daddy- doin' the meet and greet.
style is not an option for even the youngest of attendees.
how dang cute is she?
and then there was THIS one....ooooooh. so . cute!
her mama, is Gypsy Amie- she looks JUST like her!
so we waited. happily patient. watching the VIP's from a distance.
wondering what greatness lies just over the pink glitter carpet and red velvet drapes
and through those beautiful double doors.
the look of the night....who knows why.
now, i have to stop and tell you what happened as we prepared to enter the event.

we were absolutely giddy. trying SO hard to down play our excitement.
since it was being filmed, there were a few "production" things that had to happen to make
sure it ran smoothly and the way they needed it to. 
so we stood on the pink glittered carpet and waited for our little group to be ushered in....
and as we walk thorough the door, we are greeted by on of our hosts, jolie.
we graciously said thank you for allowing us to come and moved on...then it happened...
JOLIE grabbed my arm and pulled us back to her and said 
"Wait! You are Tomi & Elizabeth!" .....
well, at least i THINK that's what she said, i was having an
out of body experience and was momentarily deaf....
but thankfully i have fairly good lip reading skills.....
we graciously again thanked her and said we would LOVE to chat later.
she hugged us and we entered the prom!
(all the while, we are FREAKING out! how did she know us? who cares. EEEEEEEEE!)
*******deeeeeep breath******


the john evans band. 
the greatness that IS the John Evans bad was playing.
mirror balls were sparkling.
lights were twinkling
vintage junk surrounded us.
and at that very moment-i may have wet my pants.
(figuratively...of course)
excuse me...we are with the band.
the atmosphere was PERFECTION.
down to every detail.
thought my head may explode from the beauty.
large her place of honor and looking particularly lovely.

just a note...even the port-a potties were photo worthy. 
nicest, cleanest, cutest port-a potty you ever saw.

and, like ANY self respecting grown adult would do, 
i took nerd pics of myself in the potty.
don't judge me...we were ridiculous by this point.

and i was cracking myself up.

and don't you even think for one second that i wasn't singing "vouge" in there. 'cause i totally was.

and of course, the hostess' with the mostess...
these girls know how to throw a party!

pinch me. how fabulous are they?
what's a party with out a bull horn?
 they were filming a spot for their
show on HGTV.
amie with gypsy daddy
gypsy mama watching the teeniest gypsy doin' her thang
and this. i love gypsy janies' expression. clearly they know how to shake their groove thang.
so cute!
gypsy jolie and gypsy daddy
and these two. gypsy archie and bryan.
may be THE cutest dang things ever.

and then we did our favorite thing...
sat on the to die for turquoise couch, kicked our feet up, and people watched....
send lawyers, guns, and money.
the S*&% has hit the fan!
the darlin' boys from HGTV
and yes, she does have a blue deer on her head.
and yes, she looked DIVINE.
it was time for Louise and i to leave. 
we had to peel ourselves off the couch---didn't want to over stay our welcome, 
but we really could have slept right there and been happy as can be.

one last glance over our shoulder at the time of our lives. a dream come true.

and as we drove away this sign bid us farewell, 
we could still hear the music and see the gypsies in the distance celebrating their glorious night. 

and all was well with our Gypsy Hearts