Monday, March 12, 2012

thelma & louise {part 2}

 the prairie
aka... a little bit of glorious heaven on earth

so, we were totally having the best time on our road trip...
and we had STILL not even made it to "the Prom"
this whole post will be about the amazing place we stayed...
it deserved it's very own post.
somehow, someway, we got a rare spot Rachel Ashwells Prairie.
we could not believe it.
i feel silly even talking about it...guess that's why i took SO many pictures.
the words perfect, lovely, sweet, comfy, beautiful, simple,
breath taking, homey, vintage, whimsical, seem inadequate and patronizing.
we (not for the first time during or trip and certainly not the last) squealed
like little girls every time our eyes fell on something new.
welcome to "the Prairie"
this is what we saw as we turned down the dirt road...

this was waiting for us when we arrived to the front desk ..."the cornflower cottage"
was where we would rest our gypsy hearts.
that 's it...our cottage
the sight of this door with the lovely white curtains blowing in the breeze was to die for.

louise expressing our exact feelings! 
the details---so pretty

the shadows cast by this lace shade were dancing on the walls and ceiling

seriously...don't you want to dive into that bed?
even the towels were perfection...

and if you know me well at all, you know i have a HUGE fascination with mexican tile and porcelain...
so i was totally DIGGIN this!

who would NOT adore THIS ceiling and chandelier--- *GASP*!!!

yes...i hang out in bath tubs fully clothed and with my camera

when you stepped out of the cottage...this is what you see....

vintage and lace linens hang perfectly on a clothes line, blowing in the texas wind

this is the lovely little store full of original beautiful Rachel Ashwell goodies
the main lodge.

the main lodge, was decorated to absolute perfect eye candy levels.
it was Christmas, so the beauty overflowed.
i couldn't stop staring and gawking and drooling.

i have a "thing" for dressed up dead, really, i do.

this is a little story board/idea center/ original samples of Rachel's products.
it is like staring at a museum.

the kitchen..where the yummyness happens
i also have a "thing" for dishes. aren't these pretty?
(apparently, i have a "thing" for lots of  "things")
then, as if we were not having so much fun and making good memories... our hostess Kim, invited us to sit at the kitchen table and decorate fun!

i made a stocking for my little gyspy hearted girl- she LOVED it.

vintage ornaments hung EVERYWHERE and were so so pretty!
this was a wink from God. for so many reasons...but it meant SO much to my dear Louise.

our precious hostess Kim and the other staff at the prairie made our stay glorious.
the food is to die for.
the eye candy never ends.
if this place isn't on your list of "must do's" it should be!

ok...let the primping, backcombing, glittering, make up, hairspray, vintage wardrobe begin...
we gotta prom to go to.

and we are ready to roll...junk-o-rama prom...

come on back for {part 3}...the prom


  1. WOW...just saw this on Twitter and am amazed at the work you've done with these photos, and of course The Prairie itself!

    WANT, no NEED to go there....STAT!


  2. Super great post is stunning. I see your personality and energy, nicely done.

  3. All I can say is OH MY GOSH!! How lucky of you to go, how sweet of you to share, and how beautiful everything was!!

  4. UMMMMMM........ Tomi! I am so inspired by this post that I cannot find the right words. Thanks for sharing! What an amazing adventure. As the pictures scrolled on, I kept re-choosing my fave new thing!


    1. THANK YOU. i was inspired being there. how could anyone NOT be?!?!

  5. Ohhh Myyy Gooodness!!! Destination Prairie is definitely on my bucket list, how fun! Love all your photos, you have captured the true beauty of The Prairie. Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure, Marcia

  6. Im going there ASAP!! Your photos are Amazing Love Them !! Rachel Ashwell Is my Inspiration

  7. Um...Are the rooms air conditioned? Thanks!

  8. Beautiful photos! I love the Prairie and Rachel Ashwell. i really enjoyed your photography and hearing about your experience on your trip!

  9. love every bit of this, you have captured it's essence perfectly!!!! thanks for sharing!