Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sorrells, {family sesh}

all too rarely do families with older kids have their family pics done. my family is guilty of it too.
this summer so many of us have been reminded of how precious these "big kids" are,
and that EVERY stage of their lives is a gift that should be treasured. 
so this family decided that there's no time better than now...

smart. funny. athletic. sports fans. super competitive. red raiders.
this was a fun session. they make a competition out of EVERYthing. 
who can jump higher? run faster? make the craziest face? win at a game?
the boys play basket ball, she is on the Texas Tech volleyball team.
they love to travel and play games... spoons in the family RV.
they live on a super cool little bit of land with a basketball court,  
loads of beautiful trees, a super long driveway- perfect for racing down.
and have a beloved dog, named Raider (i told you they were tech fans)

say hello to phil, susan, ellen, andrew, will, and of course raider.......

Alex, {senior 2013}

this last year, we were given the pleasure of having our niece come live with us for her senior year.
we loved being a family of 6
 and she taught us so many things about ourselves. 
God worked so many things for our good and hers during this year. 
knowing that HIS hand was on us 
and that he gave us the privilege of having her under our roof is mind blowing.
 she graduated in may and is off reaching for her dreams. 
we love you so much, our red headed girl!

say hello to our alex.....

The Handy's {family sesh}

it is with such a happy heart i get to share this family with you!
they just happen to be my very own personal family- my big cousin and his family.
when i was little he tormented me-relentlessly..but i still thought he was the greatest.
our boys are only 4 months apart, the cutie little girl and i share the dreaded "Christmas Bday's"
and his wife is just about the cutest thing ever!
i am not gonna lie,
 i LOOOVED having them pull up to this location in the "ghetto" and seeing the look on his face. 
no way, no how, was he gonna have his family's pics done there. (paybacks)
i just love how they turned out and it was fun to be "in charge" for once. :)
please give a super warm welcome to my family....

say hello to stephen, cathy, brenton, and taylor.......

Ashlyn {senior 2013}

i can still see this little bitty,teenie, tiny, first grader.
that's when i first met this beauty.
i can hardly believe that was 12 years ago!
i have had the pleasure of watching her grow up and seen her unbelievable skills on the side lines-
she's an amazing cheerleader. 
and now she's headed off to Texas Tech University...
not just as any freshman, but as a Red Raider Cheerleader!
can't wait to catch a glimpse of her on tv this season.
congratulations sweet girl!

say hello to Ashlyn.....