Monday, July 29, 2013

The Handy's {family sesh}

it is with such a happy heart i get to share this family with you!
they just happen to be my very own personal family- my big cousin and his family.
when i was little he tormented me-relentlessly..but i still thought he was the greatest.
our boys are only 4 months apart, the cutie little girl and i share the dreaded "Christmas Bday's"
and his wife is just about the cutest thing ever!
i am not gonna lie,
 i LOOOVED having them pull up to this location in the "ghetto" and seeing the look on his face. 
no way, no how, was he gonna have his family's pics done there. (paybacks)
i just love how they turned out and it was fun to be "in charge" for once. :)
please give a super warm welcome to my family....

say hello to stephen, cathy, brenton, and taylor.......

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