Thursday, February 9, 2012

the jones family

this family is full of them.
last year they began the process to adopt a little girl from China
i am amazed and so drawn to their stories.
to know that they heard God call them, that they went and obeyed, and today they have this beautiful little girl in their arms and in her forever family is almost more than i can fathom! what a great a day of celebration i was having during this shoot! don't get me wrong it was a wee bit chaotic, but the good kind, and i am a pro at chaotic. they don't scare me... in fact i wanted to take them all home with me. :) (maybe i should talk to he hubs first) anyway....JUST after this shoot, God began working on another miracle in the lives of this family...they began to pray and wait, for another little girl....
get their FULL story here. you will be mystified.
it's unbelievable....especially when you don't believe in MY GOD. 
MY GOD can do ANYTHING that he has his mind set on.
so for now...
 say hello to Bill, Kelli, Parker, Griffin, Ayden,  Londyn, Lilli, and Eliana
(coming to the USA, february 2012)

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  1. So beautiful. When I look at these photos - I can almost hear the sounds this family makes. Their eyes... leave me speechless. You do great work - and it looks like you have fan-tab-u-lous people that you work with. So proud of you!!