Wednesday, August 18, 2010

phil + darla= LURVE

there is no question how much i LOVE to shoot in the stockyards.
i just simply love it for so many many reasons.
today reason #47, phil & darla.
they just got engaged and are planning a december wedding.
so precious and in love. laid back and did whatever i told them
(which included standing in 106 degree heat, and prettttttty please looking past
the cow poop, the used drug needles, and dirty old underwear-gross)!
where was i? oh yeah, phil and darla.
they are in love and happy and gushie and all that mess and so FUN!
had to really slim down my faves (cause i loved them all).
but here are just a few of the greatness!
which one is your favorite? let me know!

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