Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lara & Tucker

this shoot was a LONG time coming! it had 2 rain delays, but FINALLY i got to meet up with a sweet friend from high school and her very full of personality little Tucker! (trust me- he's hilarious!) these are the best shoots- when we are just chatting and catching up and laughing and here and there we get a picture or two! 

so precious-Lara really digs her little man!
because he is SUCH a boy, i think he is laughing cause he just told a "poop" joke to his mom.
love this one
let me introduce you to "mr. personality"

Tucker insisted that his trucks get their fair share of time in front of the camera.
he was especially proud of the blue truck.

surrounded by your favorite things, what could be better?

thank you Lara & Tucker! 
had a BLAST!

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