Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what a great gift for mom! these sisters wanted a "grown up" sibling picture to give their mom. sometimes, we forget that even after we are married and have families of our own, that our parents still think of us as their babies. what a precious way to honor them and the sweet bond that siblings have as adults. i love these sisters so so much. they are hilarious and make me laugh really hard. every time that i leave from spending anytime at all with them, i am a little jealous that i don't have sisters too. luckily, they let me be a part every now and then. :)
....by the way, their mom LOVED this!
oh, to laugh like that!
soon after, the "ugly" laughing started, you know, snot, tears, etc...
and that was just me behind the camera- you shoulda seen them. :)

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