Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 generations

these are the women of the schmidt family.
karen, is a childhood friend
that i simply adore.
her mom has written a book about
the relationship between her oldest and youngest sisters.
my oh so talented friend has illustrated the book and used her darling
little daughter for inspiration.
this was a session to find a photo for the inside cover,
but also to celebrate the sweet bond of these women.
when the book is on the shelves and they are super famous,
i can say "i knew them back in the day" :)
they are super funny-as you can tell

i LOVE sisters!
how cute is she?
what girl doesn't need sparkly red shoes?


  1. TOMI TOMI TOMI!! Oh my gosh I am crying. These are so precious and the colors are great!! I love the first one. This out of all of them is US to the tee!! You got Abigail so cutie in Kari's arms. She will melt when she sees it. I'm forwarding this to them right now. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!

  2. WOW!!! I love these pictures as much as I love the girls in the pictures and the one that took them!!
    Absolutely beautiful!!!
    Love you all -

  3. Amazing. Once again, you rock. I have to say, however, that I'm feeling WAY out of the loop. Didn't know about the book, or the photoshoot. You people better keep me in the know. ;)