Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the black family
this is a precious family....if it weren't for them, i wouldn't be married to my husband.
they totally set us up...and here we are, nearly 4 years later.
levi and heather are hilariously funny. neelie is a sweet lovely girl, with great fashion sense.
and little will- well, he is a darling mess. he makes me laugh real hard.
they are like family to us and we love them.
will black- LOOOOVES to have his picture taken. loves it!
oh, if you only knew how very "them" this is.
i have seen neelie do this about a million times to her mother.
i hope this is their christmas card.
will, bustin' a move.
that boy can dance like it is his job!

the ending pose after the dance...cracks me up.
i heart a smushy face.
pretty girl.
something about this picture makes me SO happy.
thank you black family! we love ya so much!

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